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Some LMPD officers upset over schedule changes


RE: Some LMPD officers upset over schedule changes

August 30th, 2015 @ 9:45AM (9 years ago)

Wake up douche bag! Of course there are several contract violations. I take it you haven't actually read the contract which is typical.

Lets pretend that you're not a complete douche for a second and there are not contract violations. Who gives a damn, the FOP and the FAT president should still try and look out for the officers best interest which of course is 12hr days vs 8hr days that screws most officers completely. I will no longer be able to see my kids and you say this is what everyone wanted??? FF UU CC KK YOU!

I'm no longer paying dues to the FOP. You don't care about me, then screw you!!! PS I ain't the only one getting out, I know several

RE: Some LMPD officers upset over schedule changes

August 30th, 2015 @ 3:59PM (9 years ago)

That consultant only recommended what command told him they wanted to do, SPI style, because they wanted to cut the number of officers on the street during the midwatch overlap. The city doesn't have any money left after giving hundreds of millions away to the arena, hotels, dozens of traffic details, libraries nobody uses and hand-outs to political backers. The city needs a new Mayor and a new Chief before crime really gets out of hand, or just watch all the businesses and actual taxpayers move to the next county over. The administration knows how to spin this story into being about a few officers complaining about seeing their families, totally ignoring how unsafe this Mayor and his Chiefs have made Louisville.