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Some LMPD officers upset over schedule changes


Louisville Metro Police will be making some changes to officers' schedules next month but some officers aren't happy about it.

The memo from Chief Steve Conrad sent to LMPD staff, sent out Aug. 19, announces all patrol divisions will be moving to eight-hour shifts. Currently, officers work 10-hour shifts, four days a week.

The change is based on a study done by Alexander Weiss Consulting.

"Our research has informed us that under current Kentucky State Law there is language preventing us from implementing a twelve-hour scheme without suffering a significant budgetary impact, making the twelve-hour shift currently unfeasible," the memo states.

It goes on to say, "Based on the study, this reorganization will result in more officers on the street which is good for the community and good for our officers."

It says the FOP will push for a change in legislature to make a switch to twelve-hour shifts legal. But that can't happen until the General Assembly is back in session in January.

So in the meantime, patrol officers in all eight LMPD divisions will switch to eight hour shifts beginning Sept. 27. Some officers who asked to remain anonymous told WDRB the change will likely bring down department morale.

One said, "They're taking away 52 days a year I'd be spending with my child. Now I'll be working."

Another said he's been an officer for 16 years, worked every shift possible and eight-hour shifts are by far the worst option for anyone with children, especially single parents.

President of the Fraternal Order of Police Dave Mutchler sent a notice saying, "We understand the importance of all affected members having a voice on the issue."

It continues, "We are making every effort to help expedite and resolve this issue in a manner that is reasonable for all parties."