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Some LMPD officers upset over schedule changes


RE: Some LMPD officers upset over schedule changes

August 27th, 2015 @ 10:07AM (9 years ago)

Bunch of crybaby b!tches.

Of course your beat partner doesn't give a damn if he screws you, where the heck have you been? My time is more valuable than yours and there really ain't no "we" in team.

To be honest I don't care about any of you self centered rookies with more hang time than michael jordan in his prime. You are only concerned about what affects you in your bubble of life, everyone and anything outside that bubble can kiss your A$$. Guess what? You can kiss my A$$!!

I can hang off the air too, I can take 2hrs on a 10/49 just like you. I can always show up 2nd on domestics as well. Yes, I can you son of a b!tch and I will.

I fukin hate working with guys like you, you truly make me sick. Your parents are pieces of $hit for raising such a fuked up generation of scumbags.

Eat a d!ck a$$hole