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Louisville football player arrested, charged with assault of a police officer


RE: Louisville football player arrested, charged with assault...

January 27th, 2015 @ 5:45PM (9 years ago)

Its par for the course. Look at what the courts do with cases brought against most other 1st time offenders. Diversion and plea bargain down to little or nothing. Officers are given the benefit of the doubt in a he said she said situation by juries across the country. There is a big difference between getting away with something (guilt not proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a jury trial) and being innocent of a crime, as every officer knows after seeing numerous criminals walk free in a career. If someone is stealing, abusing the public, or otherwise proving themselves to be a thug, then they need to go. Your antagonistic tone makes you sound like someone who has been in PIU's sights before and maybe again one day in the future.