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Louisville football player arrested, charged with assault of a police officer


RE: Louisville football player arrested, charged with assault...

January 13th, 2015 @ 9:23AM (9 years ago)

They won't really be interested in how justice is carried out in that case. They will offer her a misdemeanor on the condition she resigns from LMPD and never apply for employment at any other police agency in the state. I always thought perjury was a very gray charge, unless it is blatant. I don't condone lying but you can easily explain your "lying" was just the way you understood it. That's why the conviction rate for perjury is extremely low and it is rarely ever charged. Her biggest mistake was arresting someone when she herself was the victim!! I don't know why LMPD does not emphasize to it's officers how much of a conflict of interest this is...