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FBI memo on Louisville middle school gang


RE: FBI memo on Louisville middle school gang

April 16th, 2014 @ 1:44PM (10 years ago)

You don't even know the difference between the words "your" and "you're". I cannot take you seriously. You wrote "...your still a rookie." Have you no shame in how uneducated you sound? My guess is you don't.

Respect is earned

April 16th, 2014 @ 7:48PM (10 years ago)

Every generation is slightly different in how they view things and approach them - officers in the department are no different. There has always been a bit of a rub between the older and newer officers, but for our current younger officers it seems the generational gap is wider than before. I think the biggest reason is that they grew up with technology that we (the older guys/gals) only saw in the movies. You can do far more from your MDT now than our service channel dispatchers could ever do just 10 years ago. In the absence of that technology, older officers relied on mostly the advice and skills learned directly from their "older" officers. This relationship fostered a better sense of a team identity and respect.

We worked are a$$es off and still were able to do more in a shift 15-20 years ago than we are usually able to do now. It is not a reflection on anyone, mostly the rules have changed. Things were simpler than they are now so we could do things the new officers today cannot.

Basically, we all want the respect we feel we deserve. Older officers want to be respected for the work they have done and the newer officers want to be respected for the work they are doing. When you are new, you have to stay busy if you want to improve. You learn by doing on this job - if you don't do, you don't learn. Older officers have more experience and use that in how they approach their runs. It may appear to be slower, but patience is a virtue too. Younger officers should be busier than their senior officers. They have not been through all the mental, physical, and emotional trials that the older officers have and still possess a positive outlook and eagerness that comes with this job initially. Trust me, in twenty years you will not be working with the same energy and furvor that you are today, it's normal. Experience comes with time and we all get there eventually.

Bottom line - older officers should take the time to pass on whatever they can to the younger officers to help them develop and appreciate their efforts. Younger officers should try to understand that even though the older officers might not work at the pace they do, they are not being lazy and maybe give them a nod for the years of service they have put in. I think alot of the fussing at each other would stop if we would appreciate each other a little more.

Just a thought. Stay safe.