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FBI memo on Louisville middle school gang


Below is the text of an FBI memo distributed to local law enforcement about last month's mob violence. It was leaked to members of the media.


According to information provided to the FBI today, the group responsible for the "mob violence" in and around Waterfront Park this past weekend is a gang of middle school students known as YNO, which stands for "Young 'N Off That" ("off that" is slang for crazy or out of control). YNO may also refer to themselves as "Squad." YNO did not gather at Waterfront Park to memorialize Me'Quale Offutt, the boy who was killed on the TARC bus on 3/16, as was reported by the media. YNO members went to Waterfront Park to fight another local gang (believed to be TYS - Trill Young Savages) whose members had been "talking smack" about Offutt. TYS members apparently didn't show, which is when the "mob violence" ensued.

THREAT: Information received by the FBI indicates that YNO wants to beat up Anthony Allen (the man acquitted for the stabbing death of Offutt), and they are specifically targeting Allen's daughter ("Anitra" according to media reports). Rumor on the street is that YNO members want to kill Allen's daughter. At this time, the FBI does not have any additional details about this threat.

Additionally, there have been rumblings about YNO members planning on "going deep" (showing up in large numbers) at the upcoming Derby Parade. Specific plans for acts of violence or other criminal activity by YNO at the parade are currently unknown.

About YNO:

YNO is comprised of mainly middle school students from in and around the Louisville, KY area. There are both male and female YNO members. The role of the females in this group is currently unknown.

Prior to the official formation of YNO, current members would hang out at the roller skating rink on Manslick and rap. Over the course of the summer of 2013, some middle school-aged individuals from Chicago (names unknown) moved to Louisville and began attending Frost Middle School. It is believed that the individuals from Chicago encouraged the individuals hanging out at the roller skating rink to "beef up" their efforts at becoming an actual gang.

Recruitment to YNO originated at Frost Middle School, but quickly spread to other local middle schools. Recruitment occurs via social networking/social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter. YNO members may not be using their true names on their social media profiles. Many of the profile names start with "YNO" or have the word "Squad" in them somewhere. Additionally, many YNO members' current profile pictures are of Offutt. YNO members are also posting videos of themselves "being off that" (acting crazy) to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These videos apparently show members harassing teachers and other students at school. No further information is known about these videos at this time.

YNO's goal is to be a "super gang" and to take over "the business" (drug sales) in Louisville. As such, YNO is currently recruiting members of other more well-established local gangs. Recruits are permitted by YNO to maintain their allegiance to their original gang while being a member of YNO. YNO is attempting to recruit members from all of the different neighborhoods with local gangs because they want to compare all of the business models of the other gangs in an effort to come up with the most effective means of running their own "business" (again, selling drugs). YNO is currently attempting to identify and occupy corners that have not already been claimed by other gangs to "conduct business" (sell drugs).

Due to their recruitment of members of other gangs, many of the local Louisville gangs "have beef" with YNO because YNO is not "respecting the code" among gangs, gang members, and gang territories. Additionally, other gangs believe that YNO's actions are bringing increased law enforcement presence and scrutiny on other local gangs. There are rumors that other local gangs want to "take out" the kids in YNO because YNO is hurting their business and increasing law enforcement presence in their territories. At this time, the FBI does not have any additional details about this information.

Some older (early to mid-20s) members of other local gangs (specific gangs unknown) are scared of YNO because the members "don't respect the code," don't abide by the unwritten rules of the local gang subculture in Louisville, and because YNO members are unpredictable and possibly fearless - they "will do anything" and have been described as "crazy."

YNO members are "armed in a major way." There is apparently a "gun train" that comes through the West End (specific location unknown) and stops for a couple hours every Sunday night (the reason for this stop is unknown). This train is legitimately transporting firearms from suppliers to retailers to be sold. The train is apparently heavily guarded by armed individuals, but YNO members have figured out how to sneak onto the train and steal guns.

YNO's primary gathering spots are located on 38th St. (specific locations unknown). YNO likes to use some of the boarded up and/or abandoned houses on 38th St. Some of the houses that are used as YNO gathering spots may appear from the outside to be inhabited, but they aren't.

The number 677 is important to YNO, but the reason for this is unknown.

YNO is one of six smaller gangs that are all affiliated with a larger group known as "The Family." The other gangs that are part of "The Family" are mainly comprised of middle school-aged youths. These five gangs are as follows:

  • JMCT (Junior Money Cash Team)
  • CMY (Cash Money Youngins)
  • OTF (Only The Family)
  • LMCT (Loyal Money Cash Team)
  • This group may have members that are older teenagers or young adults as well as middle school-aged kids.
  • TTK (Trained To Kill)
  • Members of the other five groups are "promoted" from their group into TTK. Requirements for promotion are unknown at this time.

The FBI does not currently have any additional details about the gangs associated with "The Family." Organization, connection to each of the other five gangs, territory, origination, membership, etc. are currently unknown.

Unless there are any objections, a formal notification (Situational Information Report) of the above reporting will be provided next week, but we wanted to get this information out to you all as soon as possible. We do not currently have any information about any upcoming planned/organized incidents other than the threat to Allen's daughter and the rumor about showing up en masse at the Derby Parade. If we receive any information on planned incidents or any additional details related to the above reporting, I will forward that via email ASAP.