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LMPD officer accused in disturbance resigns


An LMPD officer allegedly involved in a disturbance early Saturday morning has resigned.

Lauren Fanning and her sister Kathryn have pleaded not guilty of causing a bar fight that ended with another officer being assaulted. It happened at the Molly Malone's in Saint Matthews Saturday morning.

Police reports say the pair were thrown out of the bar after Kathryn Fanning threw a drink at a patron and Lauren Fanning interfered.

When police arrived, they told the two sisters to leave in a cab or get a ride home, but they refused. That's when, according to the reports, Kathryn Fanning was arrested and Lauren Fanning struck the police detective in the back of the neck with her fist.

When a bystander saw what was happening, he tried to assist the police and Lauren allegedly punched him in the face. She then began kicking and punching the detective, according to the police reports, as well as the bystander.

During the fight, the reports say Kathryn Fanning yelled at the detective that she knew people at Valhalla and that she was going to get him fired.

Police say both women were under the influence of alcohol. A half bottle of vodka was allegedly found in Kathryn's purse and a half bottle of Early Times Whiskey in Lauren's purse.

They were both charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault.

Lauren Fanning had been on her one-year probationary period with the department. After the incident, she was placed on paid administrative leave.