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Acquitted LMPD sergeant sues accuser


A sergeant with the Louisville Metro Police Department is suing another police officer after he claims he was falsely accused.

In 2009, Sgt. James Hellinger was accused of 13 misdemeanors including falsely reporting an incident, official misconduct and false swearing. Bill Patteson, a spokesman for the County Attorney's Office, tells Fox41.com that the charges were related to an alleged incident in which he requested information about an individual whom he falsely claimed was a suspect in a crime.

Patteson also told Fox41.com that Hellinger had been accused of using LMPD computers to obtain law enforcement information for his own personal usage -- and of falsely reporting that he had been attacked by his wife.

According to court documents, a jury acquitted Hellinger of all of these charges on Aug. 10.

Today, Hellinger filed a lawsuit against Sgt. John Lewis, arguing that Lewis, "without probable cause or justification" investigated and prosecuted Hellinger.

"The events and acts of the Defendant as set forth herein were a substantial factor in causing injuries and damages to the Plaintiff, including injuries for emotional distress, anguish, embarrassment, humiliation, damage to reputation, as well as physical pain and discomfort..."

Hellinger is seeking -- among other things -- compensation for last wages, legal bills and embarrassment.