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Councilmen Want Resolution to Police Dispute

Calling on mayor to drop appeal on take-home car fees


Several Metro Councilmen are calling on Mayor Abramson to drop an appeal and start negotiating with police over take-home car fees.

Councilman Kelly Downard, along with councilmen Hal Heiner and Kevin Kramer, says the mayor should start working with people instead of suing those who disagree with him. Downard says he's confident that the Fraternal Order of Police would be willing to come to the table in hopes of reaching a solution.

Last summer, the Kentucky Labor Department ruled in favor of the police union, saying the city could not charge officers to take home cars. Since then, it hasn't, but now officers want back the money they already paid. Abramson is appealing that ruling.

The Mayor's Office says the proper place to settle the dispute is in the courts, and it will abide by the final ruling.