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Mayor's office denies claim that city is building bomb shelter


Some local residents are upset after receiving an automated message from their councilman about a bomb shelter being built in south Louisville.

After a concerned viewer called our newsroom, we checked with the city and learned the automated calls have been going out since last week from Doug Hawkins' office.

On Monday he sent an electronic newsletter to better explain the purpose of the calls. Hawkins says the mayor plans on building a "bomb storage facility" on top of Cardinal Hill Reservoir.

Hawkins states in the newsletter that the "city will store bombs and unknown types of explosives like the ones the bomb squad encounters in the field in the building."The Mayor's office says those statements are untrue. "It's sad that Doug is scaring the public," said a spokesperson for the mayor. "The truth is we're building a 10'x10' safe, no different than a safe people have in their homes."

Councilman Hawkins is hosting a public meeting to address the issue at 6:30, Wednesday night, at the Southwest Government Center on Dixie Highway.

Hawkins says police officials will be at the meeting to answer the public's questions about the building.