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The members have spoken! In the most hotly contested election for FOP leadership in the history of Lodge 614, the members of the Lodge spoke in a resounding voice tonight. The incumbent President was unseated in his bid for re-election by an almost 2 to 1 majority.

Tired of broken promises and the contemptuous rule of the current President the members of Fraternal of Police Lodge 614 spoke loud and clear that they will no longer accept the mismanagement of current president.

Exactly 1000 members went to the polls today to choose the candidates that would lead the lodge in the direction the felt we needed to be going in for the next two years. This is the highest turnouts in elections since this Lodge was formed 5 years ago with the merger of Louisville Lodge 6 and Jefferson County Lodge 14.

Vice President John McGuire made a difficult decision to run against the man who chose him as his running mate 2 years ago after witnessing time and time again the way the lodge was being torn apart by one man. He formed a slate of individuals he felt could guide the Lodge back on the proper path in dealing with member issues, with Metro Government and the current administration of the department. John's entire slate swept the elections in a very strong statement from the membership. John called to thank everyone for their support and for all the hard work that they put into making this night a success. It is time to put away and hard feelings and for everyone to come together to help move this Lodge forward.

Election Results:


  • John McGuire - 646
  • Bill Keeling (I) - 350

Vice President:

  • Larry Priddy - 520
  • Jay Scott - 450

Recording Secretary:

  • Jon Pugh - 614
  • John Keeling - 360

Financial Secretary:

  • Brad Woolridge - 664
  • Dale Leichty - 303

2nd Vice President:

  • Lonnie Gullion - 574
  • Yolanda Baker - 403

Lodge Trustees (4):

  • Jason Schweitzer (*) - 703
  • James Embry (*) - 659
  • Dale Lankford (*) - 581
  • Ed Davis (*) - 566
  • Gary Simkins - 510

Congratulations are in order to all the candidates for stepping forward to lead the largest FOP Lodge in the Commonwealth of Kentucky forward!

Congratulations to the members who have chosen new leaders to lead this Lodge over the next two years!