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Phoenix Police Officer shot and killed. Department has lost 4 officers in less than a year.


A Phoenix police officer shot in central Phoenix on Tuesday morning has died.

Officer Nick Erfle was pronounced dead at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital.

The suspect who shot him is also dead.

Police say the suspect fled the shooting scene near 24th Street and Thomas in a stolen car, but was found by police about one hour later.

The suspect was apparently armed and had a hostage when crews cornered his stolen vehicle near 24th Avenue and McDowell. When the suspect then pointed a gun at his hostage, police shot and killed him.

The officer-involved shooting that prompted this second incident happened after Erfle and a second officer stopped one man and two women trying to jaywalk across 24th Street near Thomas.

One of the jaywalkers gave police a fake name, which police then linked to an outstanding warrant.

The suspect then pulled out a gun, and fired at Erfle, according to police.

He fled the scene and stole a gold Dodge Stratus on 24th Street before he was later shot and killed.

Erfle is an eight-year veteran of the force and is married with two kids.