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Carter County Kentucky Constable Dies from Beating Injuries


Carter County Kentucky Constable Elmer Kiser died today from injuries received last week during a traffic stop. He was 62. Police have arrested 23 year Johnny Puckett, whom they believe beat Kiser, causing his injuries.

It happened near downtown Olive Hill just before seven last Wednesday evening.

State police say Elmer Kiser radioed Carter County dispatch about a reckless driver. Troopers say the dispatcher asked the constable to follow the driver until a police officer could pull the car over.

A few minutes later a call went into 911 that a man's body was found lying along the side of the road.

When police arrived they found Kiser. He was taken to St. Claire hospital in Morehead for treatment. Investigators did not release details about his injures, but did say he had not been shot.