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Louis Coleman Responds With His Point Of View...

Hello, I'm the Reverend Louis Coleman.

Our agency - the Justice Resource Center - recognized and commended the recent action of Mr. James Wilson because we thought it was the right thing to do. In no way were we supporting the use of handguns, but the fact that even with the use of a gun, no one was killed.

Our actions were not based on the color of the victim or the suspects, but on the fact that it is possible to protect one's business and life without taking the life of another.

This incident also, in a way, comes close to incidents that have happened in this city where a life has been taken.

Mindsets like Bill Lamb's have their own personal demon of bias, and we have far more important issues and concerns to address than worry and waste air time rebutting his biased Point of View.

We simply thank him for the coverage.

I'm Reverend Louis Coleman, and that's my?Point of View.