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Louis Coleman Responds With His Point Of View...

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Louis Coleman Responds With His Point Of View...

July 6th, 2006 @ 6:40AM (17 years ago)

WEAK................Louis, you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you think for one second James Wilson was trying to wound the two thugs that robbed him you are a bigger moron than I thought you were.

Guns are made to kill not to wound. When someone is wounded in a gun battle it is a mistake. There are no Hop A Long Cassidy's that shoot the guns out of people's hands anywhere.

Admit you are wrong and that you made a mistake giving James Wilson an award. OR admit that you are wrong and take bck what you said about McKenzie Mattingly. You cannot have it both ways.

Louis Coleman Responds With His Point Of View...

July 6th, 2006 @ 4:04PM (17 years ago)

It's amazing that you, Mr. Coleman, claim that someone is bias, when your entire world is full of bias. You claim to want 'justice', but your form of 'justice' only applies to those that you personally feel it should apply to, and not whether they actually deserve it or not. Let's face it, in these days, where unfortunately racism still exists, you are one of the most racist persons I've ever had the misfortune of hearing and seeing. You continually slam the police whenever they have to take offensive action and shoot someone, and, as always with you, the person shot just so happens to be African-American. I never see you come running to the defense of a any other person of color, including caucasian, when the police have had to take an offensive stance against them. Perhaps, just perhaps, instead of downing the police for shooting someone who has stolen something, raped someone, or got in a shoot-out with a police officer when their undercover drug deal went bad and they were trying to make an arrest, it may behove you to look at what led to the police confrontation with the person to begin with, instead of the unfortunate outcome. This may surprise you, but I've never had a single police officer draw his weapon at me, nor even threaten to do so, and the reason may surprise you. It's because I've never put myself in a situation where a police officer would feel compelled to do so. Let me simplify this for you a little more, people who are shot by the police because they have broken the law, or disobeyed a police officer's command, or tried to run from the police. Amazingly enough, I've never felt to do any of those things, hence the reason the police have never felt the need to draw their weapon at me. Let me simplify it even more, if you don't want anyone to get shot, then spend more time telling today's youth to obey the law, instead of trying to tie the hands of law enforcement. Oh, and when someone of another color gets shot dead or wounded, be sure to organize a big rally on their behalf, and not some two of three hand-holding ceremony that you think would pacify the rest of the residents of this city. Your bias is as clear as glass, and everyone can see right though it, and Bill Lamb is doing as he always has done, put you and the rest of your bias bunch in forefront of how to mislead those light-minded enough to follow.

Louis Coleman Responds With His Point Of View...

July 9th, 2006 @ 1:57PM (17 years ago)

Where was james wilsons tazer. oh that's right if your the police you can be threatned and shot at but they should use a tazer. sound's like more rederick from the racist fool of the community. Never seen you once on tv or radio defend a white for there illegal actions. Apparently the {JUSTICE RESOURCE CENTER } doesn't see color, Only the color black.