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Fairdale man assaults, takes gun from officer


A Fairdale man is charged with assaulting a police officer and disarming him during a struggle Sunday morning.

Police say 34-year-old William Arand was beating a woman on the side of the road near the Gene Snyder on New Cut Rd. when an officer pulled over to intervene.

The LMPD officer states Arand was punching the woman in the head when he yelled at him to stop. Arand instead, charged at the officer. The two went down to the ground in a struggle. During the fight, Arand disarmed the officer, taking his handgun. The officer hit Arand several times before he regained control of the situation and his weapon.

The officer's girlfriend radioed in for help and took hold of the gun while the officer held Arand to the ground.

Arand is now at Metro Corrections on $10,000 cash bond. He's also facing a domestic assault charge.