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Jeffersonville Mayor demotes police chief, appoints replacement


Jeffersonville has a new police chief after Chris Grimm was fired as chief, according to Mayor Mike Moore.

We are told that Grimm, who has served as chief since 2012, has been demoted to Lieutenant.

"I am thankful and grateful to Chris for his hard work and commitment, but it was time for a new direction in the police department," Mayor Moore said in a statement Monday night.

Moore says Kenny Kavanaugh, a 21-year veteran of the department, will replace Grimm as Chief.

"Kenny brings with him a vast amount of experience and energy," said Moore. "I look forward to the new direction his leadership will take the department."

Kavanaugh is a lifelong resident of Jeffersonville and during this tenure with the department, he served as SWAT commander and Detective with the Drug Task Force.

"It is a privilege to serve as the new Police Chief for the City of Jeffersonville," said Kavanaugh who becomes the first African American to lead the city's police department. "We have an outstanding department with the finest officers. It's a team that goes to work everyday to make Jeffersonville a safer place."

WDRB reported on Kavanaugh in 2012 after a bar patron claimed that two off-duty officers -- including Kavanaugh -- got into a fight with him at the Lighthouse Restaurant and Lounge.

However, a police investigation found that the bar patron had threatened to use a knife against the officers.

The prosecutor cleared both officers and said their actions were justified as they were protecting themselves.

The Jeffersonville Police Department has 77 Officers and just opened a new headquarters on Tenth Street.