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Police Change Taser Policy


RE: Police Change Taser Policy

November 3rd, 2009 @ 1:26PM (15 years ago)

Please answer the following questions to the best of your mind-altered ability:

3. Do you have diabetes? ____________________

To the poster of these questions. I am a public servant and I have more than likely made runs with you. I am not a criminal, I do control my diabates. but I would hope that if for some unforseen reason my bloodsugar went high or low and my behavior became irritable I would not have a concern about being tazed. I would hope assistance would be given.

The implication of mind altering is a far stretch for diabetics, mind you I do not want to be mistaken that you are grouping all diabetics in the same catigory as being uncontrolled diabetics. Imbalances in the metobolic system can cause behavioral issues.

I do find your question to be very discriminate towards diabetics with a know medical condition v/s an individual who chooses to use drugs and commit crimes.

I am not against the use of tazers, the department had a knee jerk reaction based on the manufactures recomendations. Fact is, Tazer international does not want to held as a plantiff in any civil action therfore, they issued their recomendation. Fact is given the right conditions a tazer is lethal no matter where contact is made. You as the officer need to assure you go home at the end of your shift. You as the Officer have a resposibility to assist all those in need of help when called upon including the diabetics that you have classed in the "mind altering ability state." Last diabetes or not if I commit a crime and pose a direct threat to you tazing may be appropriate.

Maybe the answer should be so simple. If in fact we are concerned about the subjects health and well being after tazing, transport to the appropriate emergency department for evaluation should be mandated. There are to many unknown factors!