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Louisville's EMS director defends questions about practices and response times


RE: Louisville's EMS director defends questions about practices...

March 19th, 2008 @ 4:51PM (16 years ago)

The media will never do their job when it comes to negative reporting about the mayor. Have you heard anything about the following:

1. When he first took over the county officers had to take their cars to Valvoline for oil changes. The price for that was about $30 versus $7 at the county garage. Gee I wonder if there was a kickback.

2.The Naval Ordinance land deal with his lawyer buddies.

3. The selling of Southfields to more friends at what I'm sure was reported as a fair price even though the people who donated the land for that facility demanded that it only be used for that purpose. I guess he found another loophole.

4. The constant 100 missing officers that are budgeted for already. Where is that monthly money?

5. Why doesn't anyone call him a liar and report that he counted on the library tax being passed and he already had that money in his budget.

I'm sure that there are plenty of other examples from other departments please send them in.

I know that at least one local reporter checks this website. How about it Mike P