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Louisville's EMS director defends questions about practices and response times


The director of the city's EMS was on the hot seat Tuesday night at city hall, defending his agency's practices and response times. Most people go to a doctor, they get an opinion, they then might go to another for a second opinion. Tuesday, a lot of second opinions about a vital city agency.

What is the average response time for an ambulance in Metro Louisville? According to Doctor Neal Richmond, director of EMS, 6:18. He's proud. But these days there are plenty of critics, who say ems is in a state of emergency. Some are critics with Metro Council, some are taxpaying citizens and others are veteran ems workers.

An e-mail from a veteran ems worker in Metro Louisville, says there's hardly a day that goes by that this city does not run short on ambulances. He says the city's Metro-Safe is a joke and he says he dreads the day a major catastrophe occurs because our EMS could not handle it.

Metro council members have questions about the agency that must cut $248,000 out of it's budget this year. Councilman James Peden says his research shows. Richmond says despite the critics, his agency does well. When asked about response times, he says shaving off a minute, might not bring the results you might think.

While Deputy Director of EMS is in New York, he said he helped decrease response times from nine to four and a half minutes for patients in cardiac arrest. That comment didn't go over very well, with council members who say the people they represent want fast and efficient emergency care. Council members who say more questions need to be answered.