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Louisville's EMS director defends questions about practices and response times


RE: Louisville's EMS director defends questions about practices...

March 21st, 2008 @ 11:59AM (16 years ago)

Not going to happen...this is Jerry's Kingdom and the media etc. run around like little puppets at his mercy. This is a liberal city with a liberal media. They all have their agenda and its obvious. When that day comes that something happens, someone other than the Mayor will take the fall. As much as we may dislike him, he is an intelligent piece of crap who knows how to hide money, spin the media and cushion himself from ever taking any type of fall. This liberal city loves their liberal Mayor. You have to understand that Hitler himself could run on the Democratic ticket in Louisville and win. People do not think for themselves. They naturally choose Liberal Democrats because thats all they know. So get use to it and get out as soon as you can. Its his world and we have to work in it. Its too bad that once you get so many years of service, you are basically stuck here until your 20 year prison sentence gets commuted.