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Former Deputy Chief gets last minute appointment by outgoing Governor


RE: Former Deputy Chief gets last minute appointment by outgoing...

December 14th, 2007 @ 7:51PM (15 years ago)

Yep, I've heard horror stories of what she (and her two cronies) did to the department. I could never figure out who thought she was a good choice, none of them had EVER worked in the juvie justice field. For better or worse, there were pretty clearly defined rules, and they just ignored them completely. If you don't like rules, work to CHANGE them, don't ignore them and get your agency sued multiple times over your short tenure. She did things to her employees that would never have been permitted in the PD, the rules that protected her (and yes, I'm very well aware of her history in regards to a particular Captain's test) - her actions were truly inexcusable.