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State Troopers Fatally Shoot Daviess County Man

RE: State Troopers Fatally Shoot Daviess County Man

February 8th, 2005 @ 8:04PM (19 years ago)

And the problem with that? Ha Ha

RE: State Troopers Fatally Shoot Daviess County Man

February 9th, 2005 @ 10:23PM (19 years ago)

You are an idiot to post and believe that. Coleman can go anywhere in the state he wants. Why does he chose Louisville? Because the media panders to him here. Anyone that thinks free speach only happens in leberal areas is a fool. Free speach is one of the things our soldiers fight to defend. Funny how you see more country boys and girls defending rights for people like Coleman who never served and the only time his son has served is in the penitentiary.

Coleman can go around and extort money from businesses in Louisville, but if he tried it in rural areas they have enough balls to tell him to go to hell.

You never see Coleman protest when it is white on white or black on white. Actually I eagerly await each of his comments to see if it is more foolish than the last.

"They didn't hav e to shott nobody, I can dodge an axe or a knife" i am suprised he hasn't said that thePoleece need to train from that Keanu Reeves fellow case he can dodge bullets.

Face it, if Coleman thought he could make a buck out in the country he would be there. He is a self inflated pimple that gets his gratification over picking the scabs of his own perceive racial problems. There would be less problems if there were lest racists like him out there. I think you have racists like Coleman and racists like the Klan, but this is 2005. Every year the inbred racist communities from both sides get smaller and smaller. In the middle of all that are people that that are tolerant and yet able to think for themselves without having some moron shove it down their throat every day.

Go home Louis, we don't want you, we don't want anyone like you just like we don't like the biggots in white sheets.

Louisville is a tolerant community, but it is typically American. If you keep poking at us sooner or later you will regret your actions.

By the way Louis, why were you court ordered not to live in Jefferson County...???? was it over an underage girl?? Hmmmmmm some man of God. Let's also not forget that while you preached about all the problems of drugs and how the police weren't doing anything you forgot tto mention that your own son is going back to prison again for selling cocaine and weapons violations.

Why don't you protest the FACT that this drug dealing punk Rucker was armed and a danger to our community? Why don't you protest over something worthwhile? You want to find a racist cop and have been screaming about it for years, when will you admit you are wrong? You have wasted your life. Your family is a shambles and you only have 5 sociopaths that heed your call. Go home and pray to God for forgiveness and start working towards the peace and love and understanding that your faith calls for instead of turning your mission in life into one of hate as you have doen now for years!