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Louisville police implement strict pursuit policy to reduce high-speed chases


RE: Louisville police implement strict pursuit policy to reduce...

June 14th, 2022 @ 11:55AM (9 months ago)

The western half of Jefferson County resembles the Iraq War more than the Louisville of 30 years ago. That's what woke hug-a-thug courts and a government only interested in charging police officers gets us.

Metro should hire the more friendly gang members as a security guard force for the west end like the US once hired the more friendly Iraqi insurgents about 15 years ago. Mayor Greenberg can hire David Petraeus as the next Chief of Police. He has experience.

Parents who love their kids tell them never go to downtown or anywhere on the west side of this county at night. If they can afford other alternatives, they also don't send them to public schools. Many of the public schools are little more than half-way houses on the way to prison for a lot of their students.