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Louisville police officers approve FOP contract with bigger raises


RE: Louisville police officers approve FOP contract with bigger...

December 13th, 2021 @ 1:31PM (1 year ago)

Full credit should go to the Obama Administration's 21st Century Hug-a-Thug Policing, election year racial demagoguery and all their false politically motivated civil rights allegations and demands for weak policing against a dozen other cities. All of this contributed to the department de-emphasizing enforcement. The Fischer Administration never failed to tell officers through their words and deeds that if they were out stopping black people in the west end, no matter the reason, then they were a problem child who to be suspended or harassed. The Fischer Administration decided to side with the left wing black activists rather than the black murder victims or their families. A cunning calculation about which side would deliver them more votes. They not only did as their democrat masters on the east coast told them, but Fischer himself took an active role in crafting the 21st Century Obama policing idea years ago.

History will not be kind to this generation of democrat politicians. People are eventually waking up to the fact that they've used racial hatred as a tool for winning election campaigns. They stoked the riots of 2020 with a lot of lies. They created the mess and now they are unable to fix it.

It's about time for someone else to clean up the mess. Looking at you Republicans in Frankfort. You've been content to watch and do nothing as Louisville fell apart. You're next on the sh-tlist. I don't expect many of you will win your primaries in the future.