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LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended in death of Breonna Taylor


RE: LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended...

January 6th, 2021 @ 11:03AM (2 years ago)

Who the chief is doesn't really matter, because Fischer micromanages LMPD's every move through his servile bootlicking minions.

The writing is on the wall for the cities under the sole control of democrats. They will turn into high crime jobless lawless rioting ghettos if they aren't already. At least here you can get away from the violence with a 15 minute drive in any direction to a Republican county and don't even have to live in Louisville to work here.

Biden will have the government stand down against the gangs, criminals, and drug cartels to appease his criminal-prone political base and their liberal apologists. If you want to raise your kids in a violent gangland war zone, or just want to get some trigger time on your AR pistol against a few home invaders or carjackers, then Louisville and similar democrat cities are the place to live.

LMPD command can't get up the balls to even say the word "gang" but even the activists are begging them publicly to quit shooting people. What a sad ending for what used to be a nice city.

If the stupid people of Louisville ever get tired of this, they can start voting for Republicans. I have little sympathy for those voting democrat who become a victim of crime, since they bring it on themselves and those around them.