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LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended in death of Breonna Taylor


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LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended in...

December 30th, 2020 @ 6:29PM (3 years ago)

They had to offer the sacrificial lambs to west end, since that part of now will never take responsibility for the multi-generational criminality that their gangster rap music video way of life or democrats' creating permanent poverty through never-ending government dependency.

They never look in the mirror long enough to realize they kill their own children by blaming whites and police instead of fixing the problems.

MAYBE the shooting could have been avoided if the officers did a better investigation. MAYBE her connections to a career criminal were just coincidence. There's not much chance of that, however The woman had a drug dealer homicide victim found in her trunk a few years prior. The career criminal talked on a jail phone about how she was holding on to his money.

What we do know is that if she was raised better, and kept away from thug trash like him, then she'd have never been in the drug business and police never would have come through her door.

Whatever political points this administration thinks it's scoring with the west end will be lost by a multiplier of 10 with the officers and the law abiding majority in this community. They did nothing as these people destroyed hundreds of businesses ruined this city forever. They're hug-a-thug appeasers who bear most of the blame for Louisville being a shell of what it used to be. They are their criminal constituents are demonstrating how everything democrats control eventually turns to sh-t and they just don't care that it does.

All politics

December 30th, 2020 @ 9:43PM (3 years ago)

The department/metro will lose this one. This is nothing but politics here. What's right is right.

Leave this place while you can. You are nothing but a number to them.

LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended in...

December 31st, 2020 @ 11:35AM (3 years ago)

Gentry never did any real policing after she left the beat and never was in a shootout. Being Chief White's "hot Sergeant" made it so she could too quickly advance from a do-little unit to Deputy Chief without getting any of the usual experience. That makes it very easy for her to write this letter as if she's an inexperienced civilian politician, because the shoe fits.


"You did not describe target isolation or target identification and instead described flashes that you did not properly evaluate as a threat," Gentry wrote. "Had you evaluated the threat accurately, you would have likely stopped firing once the gunfire had stopped."

LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended in...

December 31st, 2020 @ 1:04PM (3 years ago)

173 homicides in Louisville, the all-time record in Louisville history. Almost 50% higher than the second worst year a few years ago. The failed legacy of democrat rule in Louisville.

Too many Democrats live irresponsible lives in a broken Godless culture of violence and death. Too many other Democrats feed their death habit with false narratives about racism and hating police.

Take responsibility for your own lives and your neighborhoods for once.


LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended in...

December 31st, 2020 @ 3:57PM (3 years ago)

Fischer is a piece of shitz, and bet the new chief coming in will be a bag holder for the next 2 years. They will not do shitz to make anything better. Sure you may see a slight improvement but only because the city crimewave is so far gone that even a small downtrend will be touted by a new chief and the sheep to include the weak feckless metro council will say yay. Gentry firing these 2 guys is all political and proof of her own moral cowardice. She is doingbit for the money as everyone knows she has done zip in her career. Weak is as weak does in her case and the mayors. Both officers have huge lawsuits incoming, right or wrong they do. The shooting was an epic fail and tragedy led by weak leadership from Fischer down to the Major and lieutenants. Fischer escapingbonce again along with the rest of them on this one. Judah, Parks, Chavous all of them left over trying to tell us what to do. The new Chief needs to desperately clear house of all of them. Bring in a few leaders that had have credibility and know the city. If they do not we are doomed.

Please show some generosity

January 1st, 2021 @ 8:14PM (3 years ago)





LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended in...

January 2nd, 2021 @ 9:18AM (3 years ago)
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Here's how we need to remake policing in Louisville. It would only require transferring officers, equipment and buildings to different employers.

Louisville Metro has existed only on paper aside from LMPD. The Mayor's office and metro council have never even provided other basic services outside the old city limits to the rest of the county. They've had almost 20 years to get it right but it's only gotten much worse. There are 3 times more murders today than before merger.

The larger small city PDs are better positioned to police the areas near them. JCSO and KSP could easily pick up the south end outside of Shively once they have the additional metro officers. Even without small cities merging or annexing territory, the state could create police taxing districts like exist for fire departments and schools to pay for whatever services that Metro's not paying for. Everything requiring a county-wide unit could be handled like the old metro narcotics unit.

LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended in...

January 5th, 2021 @ 11:18AM (3 years ago)
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1st 2 homicides of the year. One of them in the previously murder-free Highview area. This map shows the murders just since July.

Murders are a lot like an apartment fire. You can't "let them kill each other" in the west end because scared of activist gum-flappers and irresponsible people birthing gang members so they can be raised by the streets. It's like saying you can let the guy in Apartment B burn his home down without any problems in the other units. Fischer, Conrad, White, Gentry and all the others in charge of law enforcement here in Louisville offering platitudes and crocodile tears for the murders are mostly the ones to blame. Criminals and thugs have always been the same, but weak law enforcement didn't exist until the failed metro merger experiment began and some of the dumbest people in Louisville took direct charge of law enforcement.

This kind of mission failure is what happens when you inject democrat politics into a police department all the way down to the division level.

LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended in...

January 6th, 2021 @ 10:24AM (3 years ago)

Shields resigned within 24 hours. In a statement at the time, she said that she "offered to step aside" as chief and that "it is time for the city to move forward and build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Welp. Here you have it. The new Chief who ran from her other department and community. Even admits she presided over a department that did not have trust with the community. So we hire an admitted weak sauce police chief who will do nothing. Great job Metro Council. The department is a wreck and crime will never go away with someone like her in charge. Yet again, no doubt what y'all don't care about anyway.

LMPD plans to fire 2 detectives involved in raid that ended in...

January 6th, 2021 @ 11:18AM (3 years ago)

Libtards finally got their wish, a democrat federal government. The ones living in libtard cities and libtard states hit the chaos trifecta. They have doomed themselves to living in fear of being beaten or killed by the impulsive violent low-IQ democrat political base.

Anyone who patrolled the ghetto knows that in the riots all they did was bring their everyday lifestyle to the rest of the cities they live in. They routinely beat and shoot each other over minor grievances, with little attention paid by the media. People get murdered every year in the west end because they looked at someone the wrong way.

They don't care how "woke" you are when they come to get payback for their being poor and you being middle or upper class. Remember when they come for you that you stupid white middle class democrats brought it on yourselves. The LMPD officer will be there to take the report before heading back to a hiding spot behind a business somewhere. The detective will at least give it a glance before filing it as unsolved. Command will invite you to have some free coffee or a doughnut to make you feel better about being a victim.