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Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor


RE: Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor...

May 30th, 2020 @ 5:34PM (4 years ago)

lol, so you think youre pushing my buttons? lol

Lets see if you know the details of your made up facts.

1 who is this cop I supposedly had a crush on?

2 have I ever been asked my identity before? If so, lets see a dated screen shot in which I refused to answer!

3 Lets see another screenshot in which I denied saying anything about either one of the non driving idiots Rodman whos stupid *** pulled right in front of a speeding car, or whats her name, Megadoodoo?

4 Whats an example of me 'cowering'in real life, and who was it that I was cowering in fear of?

5 If I have the IQ of a turnip, then what does that say about you, that youre still hiding who you are? Maybe youre just afraid to get demolished publicly.

6 Ive never claimed to be a genius, just smarter than you idiots, and honestly. thats about as much to brag about as saying "Im way taller than Verne Troyer". After all, you all did pursue a court case to deny people who were too smart to become cops

7 Ive only pizzed my pants laughing at your repeated attempts at insulting me.

8 Ive built a career, and in a field much more dangerous than yours, as youre not even top ten. I also have WAY too much integrity

So seriously, why are you so scared to put your name on these feeble attempts? Do I hear a chicken?