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Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor


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Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor

May 13th, 2020 @ 8:53PM (4 years ago)

I just saw a piece on this from national news on CBS from a morning show. They don't even mention in the piece that an officer was shot. They also made it seem as if the police had a warrant and just started opening fire on some black people.... This is absolute garbage.

These detectives will be cleared. Unfortunately, it will have to be after a long, drawn out, and nationally covered incident where the media will drive home the narrative that these criminals on the warrant were innocent. It is a FACT that they were not innocent. Their apartment was used as a hub for a drug dealer to store, and have his narcotics delivered to the address via USPS (confirmed and also no where to be mentioned on the media).

I'm also seeing a lot about a "no-knock" warrant. A no knock warrant is something that over the years, LMPD does not want any part of. They make you jump through a lot of hoops to get one. For many years, commanding officers asked anyone applying for a no knock, to have it approved by a judge when they sign the warrant. Judges will tell you in person, they want no part of initialing something like that. If the warrant requires no knock, then it needs to be articulated in the warrant as such and will certainly need to be backed in court. LMPD makes their officers applying for a no knock warrant, require extra approval from a judge who is already reviewing the warrant for search and seizure anyways. The judge is NOT required to give them the extra "okay" to do this. Another weak LMPD policy that attempts to relieve the department of liability.

The media is also conflicting a "no-knock" from detectives announcing themselves when serving a warrant. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that these detectives didn't knock before they attempted to ram the door (justified if articulated correctly). However, that doesn't mean they do not announce themselves after entry has been attempted. I'll bet my house that these detectives (who by the way, have served hundreds of warrants) announced themselves. No-knock and not announcing are two completely different things.

Despite a lot of things being thrown out there that are wrong, someone was killed in the shooting. That's bad from any angle. However, Ms Taylor made her own bed. She was living with someone who was up to no good. And for all we know, she could have been in on it as well. The police don't show up to your door with a warrant (with your name on it), unless you're doing something you shouldn't be doing. Plain and simple. It's very sad that she was killed in this incident. However, you make your own bed.

The biggest story coming from this entire thing is how the male suspect shoots the police and gets home incarceration. Funny how this doesn't get national headlines.

If you're still an officer for this department... you should be looking for your next job already with a foot out of the door. Leave immediately, if not, then sooner. The department would much rather fade away from the truth, just to appease certain parts of the community. The command staff for LMPD views you as a number who can be replaced and will not have your back when times get tough.

Breonna Taylor

May 13th, 2020 @ 8:58PM (4 years ago)

Why, exactly. is it legal for the police to commit murder? Breonna Taylor was one of you. She was an EMT. I am a waitress. If I did my job as But, routinely, I see innocent people of color struck down in their own homes. You should fire everyone and start all over. You could not perform more poorly tan you already do. It is shameful behavior and I am ashamed that I ever had any respect for the police.

I was taught to respect and honor the police. I am over 50 years old. Recently, a police officer came into our restaurant and threatened to "take care of" anyone who wasn't nice to his pal. That was unfunny and everyone looked at the officer with scorn. The police used to come in and we were honored and got meals on the house for all the cops. Now, the ones that come in never smile, act super rude and it is not like it used to be.

Who hires the extra testosterone, jacked up police now? Today's force does not want to help, they just want to push everyone around. I had an officer at a dog park push my teenage daughters and I up against our minivan because he did not see the $5.00 parking ticket we paid. I do not understand anymore. The police are not respected and with good reason. I was terrified for my girls.

Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor

May 14th, 2020 @ 10:49AM (4 years ago)

Flex Units never did anything like this. The next Chief once this one is gone should disband Narcotics and reinstate the Flex units. If only centralizing everything under the Chief's handpicked favorite minion worked as well as he thought it could. The guy has no clue what he's doing but that's not what's ruined LMPD. Hamilton had no clue either but still managed to survive his tenure without totally ruining the department. The Chief only has to be competent at putting people into the right spots lower levels. What's ruined LMPD is that the Chief has picked all the wrong types of people to fill important jobs and they have no clue what they are doing. Servile minions aren't leaders and rarely have good judgement.

Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor

May 17th, 2020 @ 11:33AM (4 years ago)

The problem with a lot of officers today is they are blindly obedient and don't have minds of their own. They're too afraid of losing their paycheck to think about the potential consequences of their actions. Those 3 detectives are in this jam because they allowed their command to lead them to it. Now their command will let them swing in the wind and say they didn't know what they were doing. Whether it's dope arrests or raiding businesses that didn't shut down as instructed because they're never going to otherwise re-open, officers should think for themselves. It's not worth doing just because some house mouse tells you it is. They will be retired and living in another state while you're still in court dealing with the consequences.

Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor

May 18th, 2020 @ 8:11AM (4 years ago)


Calling for the Mayor to fire the Chief of he resign. Doubt will happen and no matter what will not make a difference under this drip of a mayor. The next person will be just as bad. Beginning to think what someone else said in here. Conrad has Fischer by the balls over that explorer stuff.

Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor

May 18th, 2020 @ 4:06PM (4 years ago)


Cameras for a search warrant should have been done a long time ago. If anything to protect the integrity of the case. Requiring the Chief of a proxy to sign off is laughable. The Major of the unit is a proxy for the Chief. Didn't honor she sign off anyway per policy of Lt. Or higher? The laughable part is thinking the Chief, Schroeder, Parks or most of these Majors would have a clue about this type of complex investigation. Police work is not his or their strong suit. NO more warrants will be executed boys n girls. The girl lost her life..terrible and sad. The officers gonna pay the price and thrown out the window by the Mayor, Chief and their direct CO's terrible as well as careers ruined. Fischer and Conrad covering their assets while everyone else does on the vine...Fact.

Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor

May 19th, 2020 @ 2:51PM (4 years ago)

Cameras for everyone identified as a police officer is a great idea, including the command staff and COs. Everything they say or do should be on camera. That will solve a lot more problems than just shootings.

I'll give the Chief a coupon for a free pony ride at the state fair the day he starts wearing and using a body camera.


Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor

May 20th, 2020 @ 6:46AM (4 years ago)

Louisville's "Faith Leaders" are totally fucking stupid. They obviously don't understand a god damned thing about due process rights or what's allowed/not allowed by KRS.

Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor

May 20th, 2020 @ 11:45AM (4 years ago)

The public is stuck with 96% of the money going to special events and nobody's keeping track of it.

All these marathon and triathlon groups charging $500 to $1000 per runner aren't giving sh-t back to metro. They even get volunteers to do most of the work that metro isn't doing.