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Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor


RE: Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor...

May 27th, 2020 @ 3:47PM (4 years ago)

pardon me for not taking the word of some anonymous coward, but imma need a copy of the post where this arrangement was made, because I dont even know where the police gym is to have met there. Second, while youre busy trying to both insult me by calling me gay, and argue about how my name came out, Ive been using my name publicly for decades, all the way back to writing editorials for the CJ. All the while youre still hiding behind the keyboard. You seem to think Im scared of you, but 1, im not black, so I dont have to worry about you idiots shooting me, or killing me in my sleep, and 2, ask Frank Haddads ***** *** if cops scare me. I said everything I had to say right to his face, and he couldnt take that I wasnt kissing his ass.

Lastly, I dont bother denying Im gay, because its so funny to watch you idiots think it pisses me off. And if I was gay, I sure as hell would have better standards than to **** some ***** *** coward of a cop!