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Kroger shooting: Suspect coming out of store fires at officers before they shoot him dead


RE: Kroger shooting: Suspect coming out of store fires at officers...

December 30th, 2019 @ 11:25PM (4 years ago)


Here is an idea Mayor Moron. Cut some of those political payback positions you have in your administration to include the 90k a year job Halladay has doing nothing in an already too heavy police department. Cut back the B.S. Freebies you dole out for every created need that isn't necessary, quit pandering and handing out taxpayer money on all the b.s. Programs. That would be a start, instead of blaming everyone to include the council like you and the Chief have the past year. Love how you brag about all the economic development in the city and bragged how flush we were before the election and over 11 billion in money invested only to say we are broke. Criminal period, but you want the taxpayers to bail you out. You have turned Louisville into a microcosm of New York city with your crap.