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Kroger shooting: Suspect coming out of store fires at officers before they shoot him dead


Shoppers scattered as bullets flew inside a busy Kroger store in Louisville's Portland neighborhood Thursday night.

The shooting happened in the 500 block of North 35th Street, near Bank Street, just after 6 p.m.

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad shared some details at a news conference just after 11 p.m. Thursday, more than five hours after the shooting.

"The man that was shooting inside the store ... came out of the store, was firing as he exited the store, fired shots at our officers, our officers returned fire, killing that man," Conrad said.

Before Conrad spoke, multiple witnesses had told WAVE 3 News reporters that two people started arguing in the produce section of the Kroger store. One person pulled out a knife. The other person pulled out a gun and started shooting, sending shoppers ducking for cover.

It's not clear why the two people were arguing inside the store. The name of the person who was shot dead also was not available.

Shoppers described a chaotic scene to WAVE 3 News.

"Everybody running and then the gunshots and stuff," Jennifer Schilling said.

Added Jabani Bennett: "There was an older man on the ground, and then a younger man had a gun, and that's when everybody start running."

Many of the witnesses were later loaded onto a TARC bus and questioned by police. The heavy police presence included numerous squad cars and dozens of officers scurrying around the parking lot.

Already facing a lawsuit from last year's deadly shooting at its Jeffersontown location, Kroger issued the following statement Thursday night:

We are deeply saddened by the shooting incident that occurred around 6:00 p.m. today. Thanks to the quick response of the local police department our store is now secure. The safety of our customers and associates is our first priority.

Our store is closed and will reopen after the investigation concludes. Kroger is grateful for our trusted partnership with the LMPD and stand ready to assist in any way.

Conrad said LMPD leaders will release officer body-camera video on Friday.