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LMPD officers shoot and kill man in Southside neighborhood

The shooting took place Thursday just after noon in the area of Colonial Oaks Court.


Time to stop the idiocy

July 16th, 2018 @ 7:14AM (6 years ago)

Nothing will change until people like Fischer are voted out. Letting protesters take over a public street, supports them until he realizes that even like minded people like him don t agree with it. Then used police once again to intimidate them has got to stop. Anyone notice how silent he has been on the whole issue? Anyone notice how silent he has been on the explorer report he wasted 144k of taxpayer money???? He makes sure he shows up for the cameras to open up new things he had nothing to do with. When it comes to his helplessness and idiocy he is unavailabe. 4 more years of him and this city will be a shell of its former self.