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LMPD officers shoot and kill man in Southside neighborhood

The shooting took place Thursday just after noon in the area of Colonial Oaks Court.


RE: LMPD officers shoot and kill man in Southside neighborhood

July 8th, 2018 @ 1:54PM (6 years ago)

Fischer's always happy to use officers or ICE as a whipping boy to scare up some votes among the "woke progressives" who hate police. He goes into coverup mode when it's something command did that will blow back on him like Chief No-further-action-need-be-taken in the Explorer mess. So long as he does his best to interfere with the enforcement of the law to their satisfaction, nobody cares if their neighbors are getting shot or raped in record number. The elites of the Cherokee Triangle, Lexington Road, River Road, St Matthews and others supporting Fischer love hearing about yoga in the park and soccer stadiums. They're as blissfully ignorant and glib as he is.

Things haven't changed all that much. There's a very good reason F. Scott Fitzgerald set glib carefree elitist airhead Daisy Buchannan's childhood home near where Fischer and Louisville's power elite live. They were the same kinds of irresponsible people when he visited here 100 years ago before writing The Great Gatsby