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Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment


RE: Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment...

December 26th, 2017 @ 7:34PM (4 years ago)

No official oversight for how a judge handles a case. What is the system of checks and balances in place to review such a poor decision of a district or circuit court judge for that matter? Olu was admonished and administratively punished. He was grand standing on social media, stayed in the spot light, Delahanty and Burke have made some horrendous rulings, but skated. How do you change that, and I'm not talking about altering the voting in of judges. How do you create a standard and hold judges to it, for horrific decisions from the bench? The poor or weak ajudication of cases by the county attorney and Commonwealth attorney's office? The only people who are being held accountable for cases and punished for court related infractions are the police officers, that is unless Sgt. Hellinger likes you, then you somehow don't appear on his court audit or he manually goes in and alters the court system to show you present. The police are the only ones that they are attempting to hold accountable for the flawed system we call the Jefferson County judicial system. Good luck metro Louisville, no change or relief in sight.

RE: Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment...

December 26th, 2017 @ 10:16PM (4 years ago)

Delahanty rarely sees a defendant the 1st time who he doesn't want to send home. It usually requires being a multiple-time violent offender to get sent to jail with an all-cash bond and no H.I.P. available.

This is just a few months of stories that made it in the paper. It doesn't even scratch the surface.

12-16-2017 Man shoots tow truck drivers, Delahanty puts him on home incarceration

11-27-2017 Woman with prior assault conviction bites other woman's finger off and swallows it. Delahanty puts her on home incarceration.

11-7-2017 Man who Delahanty put on home incarceration arrested for meth trafficking

8-11-2017 3 people trafficking in fentanyl who poison an LMPD K-9 put on home incarceration by Delahanty

8-5-2017 Man who Delahanty had put on home incarceration murders someone

8-3-2017 Delhanty puts murderer who just shot somebody on home incarceration

Then you have judges like Burke who slander officers in court, get repudiated by the appeals court for making false accusations and don't even get suspended.

Jefferson County courts are full of unprofessional people because this is really just a old school hick southern Democrat town dressed up like a big modern city. We've certainly got all the crime of a big city at least.

RE: Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment...

December 27th, 2017 @ 1:04PM (4 years ago)

He said homicide and the county attorney did a bad job of presenting the evidence and history of the suspect. They supposedly had a 1-line narrative on the arrest slip for that killer last August.

He's certainly eager to avoid putting people in jail but has a point. Judges aren't responsible for explaining all of what the suspect did or recalling their prior history in court. There are several units with inexperienced Lts who don't really know what they're even doing. They should be reviewing paperwork instead of playing detective or kissing up and kissing up to command. They department needs some retired people to come back and train all these green COs and command on how to do their jobs since they can't police their way out of any problems anymore.