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Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment


RE: Female LMPD officer claims police, city ignored sexual harassment...

January 3rd, 2018 @ 6:37PM (4 years ago)

The 9th is a flex unit for the northwestern quarter of the county. The chief gets asked where his gang unit is, where his street crimes unit is, where his federal task force is (the Operation Trust and LMINTEL charade), and where the flex unit is. He points to them for all of those questions, so the description of what it is they do has to be flexible like a good flex unit. The feds are happy to join in the propaganda, because they really would prefer to stick to the white collar, pedophile and counterterrorism jobs they enjoy doing more. Violent crime and gangs are just for lowly local cops until it's time to do a press conference.

In no other city of 700,000 or more people in America will you see a patrol division flex unit dressed up in this way. It can only possibly happen here in Possibility City, where all things can come true.