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Man with knife killed in confrontation with 2 officers at Bader's Food mart


RE: Man with knife killed in confrontation with 2 officers at...

August 22nd, 2015 @ 5:54PM (9 years ago)

Instead of putting the manpower shortage all on the chief and staff why not call out the mayor and council and ask them where the money is going that is being collected from the gas meter tax imposed last November. Remember the bs told to the public.........this revenue will be used for law enforcement and public safety specifically mentioned hiring more officers to put on the streets. What a crock we don't even have full authorized strength much less hiring more. Funny how this administration sells a tax increase then no accountability for the revenue or its stated purpose. Hell can't even get the grass cut for lack of funds (well the real reason is it is in the old county) but we can build those bike lanes and paths. Merger made the old county area so much better....yeah another bunch of bs! So yes we have some problems in LMPD and some of it has to do with leadership, but truth be told the Mayor and his minions should be held responsible. The Mayor spends nearly all his time at ribbon cuttings, grand openings, public exposer events, how in the world does he get city business done? Answer he doesn't it is all behind the scenes by others. So yes 8 hour shifts are not desired by most of us but some of the problems bringing us to this juncture lies squarely in the city administration lap. Ok RANT OFF.