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Man with knife killed in confrontation with 2 officers at Bader's Food mart


One man is dead after a confrontation with two Louisville Metro Police officers Wednesday night at the corner of First and Jefferson in downtown Louisville, according to LMPD.

Police Chief Steve Conrad says a white male who appears to be in his 20s was shot by two officers outside the Bader's Food Mart at the corner of First and Jefferson about 11:22 p.m. Wednesday night.

Five officers were at the Bader's Food Mart on a break -- two were outside the store and three were inside the store - when the incident happened, according to Chief Conrad.

Officers told Conrad the man said something to the two officers before pulling a knife and swinging it in the direction of the officers, at which point the officers drew their weapons and backed away from the man. Conrad would not say what was allegedly said to the officers.

Police said when the man with the knife "charged" at the officers, "both officers fired shots -- striking the man a number of times." The man was pronounced dead on scene.

Conrad said there is at least one video of the incident from the Real Time Crime Center, which he anticipates releasing.

"I have seen the video and my statement is based on what I saw in the video," he explained. "You know, we really have gotten into a position where we have so much video out there."

The coroner is still working to identify the man killed, but Conrad says the officers involved will likely be identified Thursday. Conrad noted the officers were part of the Operation TRUST Task Force, which was established after several homicides in February. The special officers were in civilian clothes with bullet proof vests on marked Police, according to Conrad.

"They are under the direction of Major Kevin Thompson and they are really trying to spend their time in the neighborhoods where we are seeing the biggest problems with violent crime," he said.

The TRUST unit is made up of some VIPER Unite officers, some narcotics officers and additional officers from various other divisions.

Chief Conrad added the officers did not have body cameras. However, he said LMPD will release Real Time Crime Center video of the incident Thursday afternoon. More details will be released in a news conference.