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Violent crime jumps 10% in Louisville in 2014


RE: Violent crime jumps 10% in Louisville in 2014

January 2nd, 2015 @ 10:27AM (10 years ago)

Let's not forget this classic thread from May of last year.-

"The Zetas were busted here and supposedly the Gulf cartel is in Louisville too. You can logically assume all of the drug dealers and local gangs like "The Family" who supposedly don't exist according to HQ are getting their dope from them. The department needs fewer traffic details and more trafficker details."

"Some spend their days pursuing dangerous felons, while others spend their days posting youtube videos and collecting a government check they try not to earn if possible."

"I take a few breaks but am not attending the gas station coffee pot for hours in between stop sign surveillance. Wipe that powdered sugar off your shirt."

"I don't work for them, but jurisdictional limits are not absolute and interdiction doesn't require being outside the door of a dope stash house. A perfect example is the Zetas seizure n Okolona. LMPD and the Louisville area in general just doesn't have the intel and coordination that you see in other jurisdictions. It's so fragmented here, the dogs aren't given e opportunity to find anything. There are places truly looking to turn up dope and bust organized crime, but this area has a whole lot of people in charge with absolutely no interest in seeing the boat rocked. It's place very big on doing things the way they have always been done and keeping heads in the sand and pretending things are just find, which is what the politicians want the public to believe."