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Constable to plead guilty in shooting


RE: Constable to plead guilty in shooting

October 8th, 2012 @ 9:35PM (12 years ago)

Here is what I don't understand about this whole debacle: The whole argument against this guy is that he is a wannabe, untrained guard who overreacted. People are only mad because he shot that thieving hag and he was legally a Constable. That's the issue!!! The pulic is more angry that he is a non-police officer who is authorized to use such force. His position comes across as outdated and antiquated. Yeah, the public has a right to expect more professionalism from its public servants, but the dishonest reasons for being angry about this are the big secret. If he never purported to being a Constable and did the same actions, this would be no issue. Louisvillians are soooo hypocritical and it's disgusting.

RE: Constable to plead guilty in shooting

October 9th, 2012 @ 7:26AM (12 years ago)

Sorry, no, you are incorrect. He is legally a county official, therefore, he gets a defense from the county attorney (or paid for by the county attorney) in any lawsuit - unless they manage to wiggle out of it. That's in the KRS, actually. (Just like if you shot someone in the line of duty - remember, as the constable, there is no such concept as "off-duty.") If he gets convicted, they might be able to do so. I need to find out who is representing him in the lawsuit.

RE: Constable to plead guilty in shooting

October 9th, 2012 @ 7:32AM (12 years ago)

And for the record, I've known him for years, and I totally agree, but I don't have a badge so I can't do anything about him. I keep hearing LMPD (and other) tell me all the illegal stuff he's pulled (and I know he has) but no one seems to be willing to put together a case and go to the grand jury on him. I wish I could, but I'm not an eyewitness to anything that would go forward.

And I am well aware of the lawsuitS in which he's involved, against Metro - not just the Ortiz lawsuit. Unfortunately, he's likely to win at least one of them.

RE: Constable to plead guilty in shooting

October 9th, 2012 @ 7:38AM (12 years ago)

Here's the story on HIS lawsuits against Metro ... and he's quite likely to win on the money one. Metro was stupid to think that they could change a state statute by using a city ordinance, of course you can't. The money for the Jefferson County constables was specifically intended to discourage them from doing any constable work - since under the statute, they get the set payment, and then every single dime they make doing any "constable work" goes back to the county. (And remember, no such thing as off-duty for a constable, every thing he/she does is done under their constable powers, providing it is a law enforcement job.)