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Reorganization coming within Metro Police Department


RE: Reorganization coming within Metro Police Department

August 30th, 2012 @ 12:07AM (12 years ago)

Hey, check this out. Some carpenters beat their wives and some artists are coke heads. Some fireman take steroids and some lawyers lie to protect drug dealers and murderers. Some doctors cheat on their wives and some writers kill people and don’t get caught. Some comedians are suicidal and some politicians feed off power. Some teachers are pedophiles and some nerdy librarians are crazy in the sack. Oh, and some cops misuse their authority. We are all human, *******, it’s just that you don’t hear about the 1% of carpenters and artists and fireman and lawyers and doctors and writers and comedians and politicians and teachers and librarians because stories about them don’t sell papers. Get over yourself and do something worthwhile instead of bitching about human behavior that will never change. Go visit one of the 99% of police officers that do the job with integrity and post about it.