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West Buechel adds police department


A Louisville neighborhood is bringing back its police department. The West Buechel Police Department was cut several years ago because of lack of money. But now the department is back and has already started making runs.

Robert Castle is manager of the Bashford Manor Lowe's. These days the merchandise seems to be flying off the shelves.

"It is extremely busy this is one of our busiest times of year," says Castle.

But it's not exactly Christmas in July. In fact, in some cases -- it's shoplifting.

"That can be a problem in this area and we have experienced some of that," says Castle.

Now shoplifting is nothing new of course, but it is a big problem at the Bashford Manor Walmart. And it has kept police busy.

West Buechel Police Chief Jeffrey Manning says "LMPD made over 600 runs" last year to that Walmart alone.

That's one reason why people are glad to see the West Buechel Police Department back on the streets.

"Just the whole atmosphere feels a little more secure having them around," said Castle. "So we appreciate it."

Manning says,"The community wanted the police department back and the community saw a need to have the police department back."

The department closed several years ago because of a lack of funding. Manning credits the Mayor of West Buechel for turning things around.

"She has done a wonderful job in rebuilding the revenue of the city and rebuilding the city as a whole," says Manning.

As a result, the police signs were recently posted on the door at city hall for the first time in recent memory. Chief Manning was hired in May and hit the ground running.

"I've just hired 10 officers in the last couple of months," says Manning.

Manning's background includes 20 years on the metro police department where he eventually retired as a lieutenant. Now he plans to put that experience to work for the people who live and work in West Buechel.

"And here in the next month we'll be taking over runs, making some reports and doing everything that a regular police department would do," says Manning.

And local businesses are already seeing the difference.

Right now, the department is made up of 12 officers, including the police chief. The plan is to eventually have two officers on duty 24-7.