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Jury finds man guilty of attempted murder in LMPD officer's shooting


The fate of a man accused of shooting a female LMPD officer with her own gun has been decided by a jury.

Jurors have recommended that 27-year-old Joseph Starcher spends 22 years behind bars.

Starcher was found guilty of several charges, including attempted murder for shooting LMPD Officer Andrea Rice several times in April 2009 at a home in Okolona.

Police had been called there on reports of a domestic disturbance. Witnesses told police that Starcher "was naked and had a crazed look on his face" just before he shot Rice.

The defense argued Starcher was psychotic after he got high on mushrooms, but the prosecution disagreed, saying Starcher was a self-proclaimed drug addict.

"On April 8, 2009, Joe Starcher was out-of-touch with reality due to this drug-induced psychosis, and he cannot be held criminally responsible," said Patti Echsner, Starcher's defense attorney.

"In the wee morning hours of April 8, 2009, as the residents of Ronwood Drive lay in their beds, that self-proclaimed, doped-up zombie was getting high," countered Chris Foster, the prosecutor.

Starcher was found guilty on several other charges but was cleared of assaulting his girlfriend.