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Police shoot and kill dog who attacked mail carrier


A Louisville Metro Police Officer shot and killed a dog Thursday after the dog attacked a mail carrier in the Fincastle neighborhood.

It happened on Loudoun Trace near Westport Road.

"The way that animal was throwing her around, the poor lady didn't have a chance," said a witness who didn't want her identity known.

The stained sidewalks are a harsh reminder of a brutal attack that took place. "I went back in, I got the phone, I called 911," said the witness. "I mean I'm sorry, I was hysterical."

Police say two dogs, a pit bull mix and a rat terrier beagle mix, starting biting the woman mail carrier on both arms. A nearby LMPD officer was able to quickly respond.

"At that point in time the officer felt that the only thing he could do was to try to disengage the pit bull and he had to put the pit bull down," said Lt. Rob Davis, LMPD. "It wouldn't let go of the mail carrier. It kept chewing on her."

The police officer shot and killed the 80 pound dog. "He possibly saved her life, with nobody else around to help her, he was the first one on the scene and he was really able to stop the threat and stop the attack of the animal," said Davis.

The postal worker's injuries appeared serious. Police say she may have been bitten in the head.

"I ran back in I got a towel, her right arm was just mangled beyond recognition and I didn't want her to see it," said the witness.

She was rushed to the hospital. The owner of both dogs is, 51-year-old Samuel Just, he was arrested on Thursday on an outstanding warrant for writing cold checks. He told officers he has no idea how his dogs got out.

"We don't want to hurt your animal, but when he is actively and aggressively attacking someone, especially a poor mail carrier, we are going to have to stop this aggressive attack," said Davis.

The dog owner was also cited by Metro Animal Services. He faces three charges, failure to provide shots and license, failure to control dogs, and having a dangerous animal.

The other dog is now in quarantine.