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Tentative contract agreement offered to Louisville Metro EMS employees


"We finally have a tentative agreement after almost two years," says Todd Thomason, with Teamsters Local Union 783.

Todd Thomason, with Teamsters Local Union 783, says EMS employees have been working without contracts for the last 21 months, but there's now progress in negotiations between them and the city.

"The negotiating committee, along with myself, endorsed the contract and now we're just waiting for the members to look at it and give their feedback on it," says Todd Thomason.

On Thursday employees with Louisville Metro EMS received an email which contained the tentative contract agreement. It's now a breakthrough in the negotiating process.

In January, EMS personnel picketed in front of Metro Hall to send a message that they wanted a solution. A lot of it came down to money.

Without a contract, there were no pay increases being given. The new contract includes a 2 percent increase, and a 1 percent increase for several years after that.

It also includes a new addition for workers. According to the tentative agreement, paid leave days will not count as time worked.

"It was a difficult process. I feel good in the fact we have an agreement," says Todd Thomason.

They still hope to address a couple issues with EMS employees, which they plan to do over the next week in a series of question and answer sessions.

This means the end of next week this contract issue could be resolved.

"It could be resolved by Thursday of next week," says Todd Thomason.

Thomason says he does expect the vote on this tentative contract to be close.

He also says, with more people recently hired to Louisville Metro EMS, they're hopeful overtime won't be as much of an issue this year.

A spokesman for the Mayor's office says they won't be able to comment until EMS workers vote on this tentative contract.