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Sheppard Square Housing Complex Set for Demo


A run-down, crime-ridden housing project is ready to be demolished, and evidence of change is underway.

All 267 families that were living in Sheppard Square have been moved out into other housing developments or are out on their own.

The Sheppard Square Housing Complex in Louisville's Smoketown neighborhood is done. The 70-year-old units have been through some rough times. "Drugs, guns, and the young generation," said Leroy Jackson, a former resident of the complex.

"Well the problem is it's old barrack style housing that's outlived it's usefulness, served a very useful purpose for decades, but, it's time for it to be replaced," said Tim Barry, with the Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

The 36 buildings there will be demolished, and people who have memories here are not sad about it. "I'm happy to see this, they're going to tear it down, I'm very happy," said Jackson.

That is because it will soon look somewhat Liberty Green, which was once a crime ridden housing complex known as Clarksdale. Now, it is a vibrant and safe neighborhood. "You give them better housing and get them away from all that crime that the concentration of poverty seems to attract," said Barry.

"We have a lot of security," said Liberty Green resident Emmy Flournoy. "There's a lot of kids in the neighborhood and they seem fine."

The more than $100 million dollar project is funded both privately and by the federal government. There will be 310 mixed income apartments, and 25 home ownership units. "We will have a certain number of units set aside for low income families, public housing eligible families,and Sheppard square residents will get first crack at those," said Barry.

The first building will not be coming down until the end of April. The project will not be done until 2015.