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New Louisville police chief officially sworn in Monday


Louisville officially has a new police chief. Steve Conrad was sworn into office Monday. He is the second chief since the city and county government merged.

“I had no idea when I left that I would get this chance to be able to come back and it is emotional coming home is a big deal,” said Conrad.

With his wife, mother, and daughter in the crowd at the swearing in ceremony, it was a homecoming for Conrad who is a Louisville native.

Most recently he served as the police chief in Glendale, Ariz.

It was an emotional day, especially as he talked about the support of his wife.

“Followed me with all the crazy things I wanted to do and the weird strange road that brought us to today. So, thank you, “ said Conrad to his wife.

“Very emotional. Hearing the little bit in his voice it's just, we have been together for 15 years and beside each other and supporting each other all the way so it touches his heart family wise to be all back together, “ said Joan Conrad, Conrad’s wife.

Now with the formalities aside, Conrad says he’s ready to work and believes the department is on track but knows there is always room for improvement.

“Over the next 90 days its important to meet with member of the community, working to meet with our officers, to gather their ideas about what we can do better,” said Conrad.