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Woman arrested after pointing, "small plastic orange handgun" at cop


She saw the police officer, pointed the gun and pulled the trigger.

That's what police say happened shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday on Rowan Street, near the intersection of 19th Street. Police say an officer was conducting a traffic stop in the area, when 22-year-old Zerrika S. Cates walked behind the officer and pulled a, "small, plastic, orange handgun."

Cates then allegedly pointed the gun at the officer and began pulling the trigger, making an audible click.

According to the arrest report, the officer initially didn't know if the gun was real or not, and Cates, "pulled the trigger on the weapon multiple times," ignoring the officer's orders to stop.

Police say her actions put the officer, "in reasonable apprehension of serious physical injury."

Cates was arrested and charged with menacing, a misdemeanor.