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I just wanted to take a moment to say "thanks."


So let me tell you a story about a couple of amazing cops. This is cool.

While engaged in a routine traffic stop, two Metro Police detectives – we don't even know their names -- noticed a man in a Honda pass by, riding on not one, but two undersized spare tires.

That's not illegal. But it was strange enough to raise the suspicions of the pair. So they followed the car to check the license plate, discovered it had been reported stolen and suddenly found themselves being interfered with by a woman driving a different vehicle, attempting to help the driver of the Honda get away.

Well, with the help of several other officers the woman and man were soon arrested, and it turns out they were the ringleaders of an operation responsible for the theft of over eighty Hondas in the last several months.

Not bad for a day that began with a simple traffic stop.

I tell this story because all too often, police officers only get attention when they misbehave. But when they display outstanding observational skills and initiative that go beyond the routine – as these two detectives did – that deserves to be recognized too.

We place a lot of trust in our police officers. And sure – there'll always be a few who betray that trust. But most of them are out there every day earning it. And I just wanted to take a moment to say "thanks."

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.